Frequently Asked Questions

Is my home eligible for incentives?

Homes must be in the DEP territory. Single family homes and multifamily units in buildings that are 3 stories or less are eligible for whole-house incentives. Multifamily units in buildings over 3 stories are only eligible for equipment incentives.

Please review the program tariff carefully to ensure that your projects are eligiible.

Who can help me determine if my project is in Duke Energy Progress territory?

If you are unsure about the electric provider for an upcoming project, please email A program representative will verify your project's eligibility.

Questions about premise numbers and associated addressess should be directed to the Duke Energy Contractor Hotline: 1-800-636-0581

Is there someone who I can talk to?

You can contact the program directly at This is the recommended method, as your message can be addressed by any of the program's staff members.

You can reach a program representative by phone at: 844-385-3762.

For assistance with utility inspections, meter sets, and startup power please contact Duke's Customer Service Hotline at: 800-452-2777.

How long does it take to get my rebate?

Four to six weeks from the date of submission.

Homes are batched twice per month - on the 8th and 19th. Batch rebate processing takes roughly 1 week. ICF then invoices Duke Energy for the incentive funds and cuts incentive checks as soon as funds are received - within about 2 weeks. Checks then arrive within 1 week.