Home registration guidelines

Initial registration:

All homes must be registered in the Home Registration System prior to your pre-drywall inspection. For production builders (those building more than 20 homes per year), all homes must be registered within one month of breaking ground.

Inspection dates:

Each home registration must include expected dates for pre-drywall and final inspections. It is understood that these dates will not be perfect, however they are needed to guide the program’s quality assurance efforts.

These measures are in place to ensure that the program can provide effective quality assurance. Without a reasonable amount of warning time, it is not possible to conduct in-field quality checks. The QA/QC process is in place to protect you, participating builders, and the program. By completing quality checks on a portion of all program homes, we can ensure that all the hard work you put into your homes is fairly reflected by the rebates. In addition, effective QA/QC helps to ensure that the program remains strong for the coming years.

Transition from quiet period:

Homes that were started during the program’s quiet period are exempt from registration guidelines listed above, as it was not possible to register homes during that time. Beginning on July 1st, the program will begin enforcing the registration guidelines.