REM/Rate version guidance

In an effort to ensure that your builders receive rebates that are in line with your projections, the program is offering the following guidance regarding REM/Rate versions:

  • Rebate processing will be conducted using v14.6.1. This was the most up-to-date version available at the time that raters would have projected rebates for homes that can still take advantage of the 2015 rebates. Moving forward, all building files should be uploaded to the Home Registration System in v14.6.1 or v14.6.2 formats.
  • The release of version 15.1 is expected in July of this year. The program will continue to process rebates as described above until v15.1 can be sufficiently tested. If the program determines that 15.1 does not significantly impact kWh savings projections, it will announce a timeline for the shift to 15.1.