REM V15.5 Update

The Duke Energy RNC Program has conducted an analysis in which 200+ recently submitted homes were processed in REM v15.4.1 and v15.5. The newer version showed a negligible impact on most homes' kWh savings:

  • No home was impacted by more than 2%
  • Over 75% of all tested homes saw kWh impacts of less than 1%, with half of those impacted by less than 0.1%.

No UDRH updates were required to achieve these results. Please continue using the most recent version posted on the program website.

All REM files processed by the program on or after March 7, 2018 will be processed in v15.5. **Note that subsequent versions of REM/Rate submissions will not be accepted until they are adequately tested and announced by the Program.**

Please contact the Program team with any questions or concerns regarding REM versioning.