Missed inspections and thermography

After additional evaluation, the Program will no longer accept thermography inspections in place of visual insulation verification by Raters (only whole-house incentives are impacted).

What's changing:
All homes submitted on or after June 22, 2018 must receive insulation inspections from Raters prior to drywall installation.

Under no circumstances may homes be submitted without both a pre-drywall and final inspection by a participating Rater. This means that scheduling and carrying out inspections with your Rater is critical.

Why it's changing:
This change is intended to ensure that the Program remains healthy and viable. Incorrect savings (and rebates) is one of the biggest risks faced by any utility-owned energy efficiency program. During regular evaluations the RNC Program must show state regulators that participating homes' real-life performance is in line with the projected performance and kWh savings that inform rebates.

Requiring that all incentivized homes receive both HERS inspections will assist the Program in avoiding incorrect savings and will keep the program sustainable.

Thank you for your understanding.

-The Duke Energy RNC Team