About the Residential New Construction Program

Why should you participate?

Duke Energy is committed to assisting builders as they strive to build the best possible homes for their customers. Read on to learn how the program can help you...



Your homeowners will save money every month (as much as $10k over a 30 year mortgage). While they save they'll also be more comfortable thanks to a tighter building envelope, better insulation levels, increased HVAC and hot water efficiencies, and improved lighting efficiency. All those upgrades also increase your rebates in the program.

Warranty issues

Your HERS Rater and the Program's quality assurance process help you hold your trades accountable. The end result is a higher quality product that keeps your customers happy and helps reduce call-backs.

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Program staff are available for no-cost field training that helps you build higher quality homes. Online learning resources are available to all Program participants.

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New Technology and Features

Program incentives provide a low-risk path for builders to try new construction techniques and install new energy saving features. The Program provides 3rd-party vetting of building features that is aimed only at quality energy savings, not at increasing the sales of any particular supplier.

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National Perspectives and Insight

Program staff regularly interface with national and regional builders across the country, making best practices and lessons learned easily accessible to RNC Program participants.


Quality Assurance

The Program’s quality assurance process provides quick feedback to builders in the field. Larger builders receive regular reports from the Program that connect purchasing and operations managers with the field staff through a 3rd party perspective.

Stay ahead of building codes

The incentives for HERO-compliant homes cover the cost of a HERS Rater. Your Rater tests and verifies Program requirements and acts as a building science coach to help you guide your crews. When the next code cycle comes through, you'll already be way ahead of the game.


The RNC Program provides incentives to builders up to $9,000 per home. Incentives help builders install high-quality upgrades that impact electrical energy efficiency.