2018 HERO Code: Permit dates and REM updates

We are quickly approaching the first submissions of homes permitted in 2019. Please note the following to ensure that incentives are paid quickly and accurately:

  • Permit Dates: all program applications require that raters input permit dates. These dates are critical for determining which version of the North Carolina Energy Conservation Code should be applied to homes. The code version will impact both HERO compliance and kWh savings. Accurate permit date entry is essential and will be subject to routine quality checks.

  • REM users: a previous email noted that REM/Rate incorrectly implemented a ventilation requirement for the 2018 NC codes in versions 15.7.2 and 15.7.3. The next version release will include a correction for this issue, however a timeline has not yet been provided. The Program will update raters as soon as possible.

    • **Note that REM/Rate does not maintain both the 2012 and 2018 code versions for NC in any single version. As a result, version 15.7.1 is the latest version that should be used for homes permitted prior to 2019. All subsequent versions only offer compliance checks for the 2018 version.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding processing or modeling of homes during this transition.