REM/Rate v15.3 and new UDRH

Version update

The program will begin upgrading all submitted homes to REM/Rate v15.3 for rebate processing starting with homes submitted on or after 4/19/2017. 

The program's analysis of over 650 RNC homes found that the upgrade from v15.2 to 15.3 had an average impact of less than +/- 1%. The largest observed impact was +85 kWh. 

UDRH update

An updated UDRH is available on the Rater Field Guide page. This UDRH will also be used to calculate incentives for all homes submitted on or after 4/19/2017. Updates are minor and include:

  • Drainwater heat recovery: savings now assigned for installation of DWHR units. Typical savings is in the 300-500 kWh range.
  • Oven/Range: minimal savings assigned for installation of efficient oven/range - approximately 2kWh per bedroom for convection and 3 kWh per bedroom for induction.

Please contact us ASAP if you run into any unexpected behavior with the new UDRH -