Ways to Avoid "Submitted Failed Validation" Errors

“Submitted Failed Validation” errors appear on Raters’ regular Excel reports when a rebate application has been submitted but the RNC Program is unable to automatically match the application to a valid residential Duke Energy account. Sometimes this happens because an account hasn’t yet switched over from a commercial account (used during construction) to a residential account. It can also result from errors in the submitted information or eligibility limitations. Listed below are the most common reasons homes end up in “Submitted Failed Validation (SFV)” status and how to avoid them.

  • Simple data entry errors – misspellings or incorrect address information will result in failed account validation.

  • The submitted premise ID doesn’t match what Duke Energy Progress has on file for the submitted address

    • Be sure to confirm premise IDs by calling the Builders Express line at 800-636-0581. The Builders Express team can also be reached at builder.express@pgnmail.com.

  • Unrecognized street extension or street extension abbreviation that was submitted.

    • While the validation process recognizes most full and abbreviated street extensions (ex: road, Rd, avenue, Ave), it has trouble with a few less common street extensions.

    • Always abbreviate compass directions (N, NE, E, SE, etc.)

    • Use “Way,” not “Wy”

    • Use “Cv,” not “Cove”

    • Use “Trce,” not “Trace”

    • Use “Loop,” not “Lp”

  • The submitted county is incorrect

    • Make sure to confirm the county in which the home is located while on site or in a county GIS website (e.g. Wake County GIS or Johnston County GIS). Inputting the correct county is critical to making sure the right Climate Zone is assigned to each home! Remember, zip codes may cross county lines and cannot be used to determine county.

      • For example, 27529 crosses the Wake County/Johnston County line. A home with this zip code could be in either Climate Zone 3 or Climate Zone 4.

  • A residential account has been active for more than six months.

    • The RNC Program is unable to process applications submitted more than six months after a home is completed, per the tariff filed with state regulators. We check this by making sure that a residential account has been active for less than six months at the submitted address. While residential accounts usually go active when a home is complete, sometimes (often with custom builders) this happens earlier. Whenever a home fails account validation for this reason, the RNC Program will require a Certificate of Occupancy dated within six months of application submission.