Modeling ENERGY STAR Washers

The RNC Program assigns rebates to projects using the kWh savings developed from the UDRH-based fuel summary report along with any applicable deemed savings items. Deemed savings are applied to homes with sealed, unvented, or conditioned crawlspaces (650 kWh), and to homes with ENERGY STAR clothes washers. 

When modeling an ENERGY STAR washer, it is imperative that the autopopulated efficiency inputs be left unchanged. The Program's processes look for the specific inputs associated with the ENERGY STAR washer selection when assigning the applicable 397 kWh.

Steps to ensure that your builder's ENERGY STAR washer gets the appropriate rebate:

  1. Visually verify installation of qualifying washer.
  2. After selecting "ENERGY STAR" from the clothes washer drop-down in REM/Rate, do not adjust efficiencies.